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On board a “2 horses” carriage, explore the winding roads of our lovely countryside.

Based in Beaune, 2CV Bourgogne Tours agency is located in an ideal spot for discovering a different type of tourism experience.

Book your escape to Burgundy! How will you choose between the rolling hills of the Morvan, the majestic Châtillonnais forests, the gentle meadows of the Auxerre region, the winding beauty of our vineyard trails, or the varied mosaic of our quaint Burgundy villages?

Burgundy is captivating

Burgundy is a captivating place of fascinating history and great gastronomy : in the very heart of France, perched on the crossroads of the main north-south roads of Europe. Nearly every European country has played a part in the fabulous destiny of this region, forging a rich diversity of cultural treasures.

Burgundy is breathtaking

It has an astonishing variety of scenic panoramas. Legions of private castles,  countless historic sites and a grandiose capital: Dijon.


Burgundy is gourmet

It is the land of gourmets : the world’s finest wines meet with choice local specialties such as jellied ham with parsley, coq au vin, escargots with garlic butter and famous cheeses.


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