Authentic 2CV!

2CV Bourgogne Tours owns a fleet of ten 2CV in a variety of bright colors. We maintain the mechanics of our cars to very high standards in order to guarantee your security and ensure your total driving satisfaction on our Burgundy roads.

The 2CV was introduced in 1948 and for forty years was built in the factories located in Levallois-Perret before becoming the object of collection you now have the privilege to drive, with or without a guide… 

The French nicknames for this car include ‘deudeuche’ ,‘two-legs’, ‘two sticks’ or ‘ugly duckling’ . The English call her ‘flying dustbin’, ‘tin snail’, ‘dolly’, ‘tortoise or ‘upside down pram,’ and for the Germans it’s ‘Ente.’ The car has leading roles in about twenty films including ” For Your Eyes Only “, where the car is driven by James Bond ! Belted in, you can also have a starring role as you saddle up on this classic French « two horse » and take off on a jolly good drive chock full of whimsy and enjoyment!



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