2 CV Bourgogne allows you to rent vehicles for the day, or for the weekend.

CV Bourgogne allows you to rent vehicles for the day, or even for the weekend.

Take possession of your steam horse and travel through our beautiful region through picturesque roads.




* These prices do not take into account any delivery and collection costs if you take possession of the vehicle outside our company’s head office in Beaune.

Do you want to prolong the pleasure and take the opportunity to discover more of the region?

2CV Bourgogne Tours can enhance your trip by organizing a tour, booking a hotel, a restaurant, a tasting, a guide… Consult the 2 CV team Bourgogne Tours to prepare together a stay that meets your desires


Aboard your two-horse, let yourself be guided by your road map or your inner compass for an extraordinary discovery of authentic and wild Burgundy: you can ride in complete freedom wherever the wind takes you…

Lulled by the joyful purr of the engine, take the road north, to meet the sumptuous national forests of Châtillonnais, or the paths to the south which lead to the prestigious vineyards and the El Dorado of renowned cellars…

Turn right, veer left, retrace your steps and discover the thousand surprises that wonderful Burgundy has in store for you. It will not disappoint you and you will come back.

Accompanied by a guide specializing in Burgundy wine

Would you like to be accompanied by a guide to enjoy this day of discovery even more? Among oure team choose the one that suits you best.

Full day: from €490 incl. tax + 2cv rental price

Picnic basket

You spotted it in the rearview mirror of your 2CV. It is there, it awaits you at the end of this path… this little corner of paradise in the shade of a tree, offering a superb view of the Burgundian landscape. Neither one, nor two, take the wheel, set off for adventure, the windows open, the top up and your hair blowing in the wind… A feeling of freedom that you should happily enjoy!

Open the trunk of the car. Everything is there: the checkered tablecloth, a nice bottle of wine and a picnic basket to perfect this moment.

Contact the 2cv Bourgogne Tours team who can put together a tempting picnic for you and advise you on the most beautiful places so that you can spend an unforgettable day in the countryside.

Picnic basket for 2 people: from 80€.

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