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A fabulous fun activity right in the middle of the vineyards

Through the Côte de Beaune and/or the Côte de Nuits we invite you to take part in an automobile rally to discover our famous vineyards as you drive through them: an enjoyable and fun way to learn about Burgundy wines. 

For this event, the rule is simple : one 2CV represents one team. Each team will receive a roadbook which will guide them to several places and unusual encounters. It also provides useful advice and clues. The participants have to answer questions about Burgundy vineyards, Burgundy wines, the meaning of special terms like ‘AOC’ or ‘villages’ ; experience a blind wine tasting and search for hidden items….

You can choose the level of difficulty by adding or removing stages, shortening or extending the journey. 2CV Bourgogne Tours can also create several different itineraries to avoid participants using the same roads and meeting at the same villages.

At the end of the activity, all the teams will meet up at a predetermined wine estate. The winemaker himself will welcome the group in his cellar where you will enjoy a wine tasting. The winning team will then be declared victorious and will receive its prize !

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