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… to take part in a fabulous adventure
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Discover Burgundy differently

Begin your journey at the magnificent Clos de Vougeot Castle, driving through prestigious vineyards, and travel through unforgettable Burgundy on hidden paths.

Brighten up your trip and meet a cooper who will explain everything you need to know about barrel making, and try your hand at building your own barrel !
Become familiar with the specific aromas of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and learn about the complexity of Burgundy soil.

This mind-blowing day ends around sunset with an authentic wine tasting appetizer « mâchon » at a wine estate.

A family drive

How exciting! To celebrate the arrival of spring, Daddy has rented a classic French car, the splendid « deudeuche » and he is taking us to Alésia. What a great surprise ! The car is bouncing on the road!

We start off by visiting the museum of Châtillon where we admired the Vix vase, then we stopped at the Abbaye de Fontenay. On the way to Alésia we had a picnic lunch on the grass facing the sun and we finished off in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain where we bought some flavoured aniseseed candies… What a great day we spent! What fun we had discovering Burgundy on board the mystical French 2CV car that Daddy once drove in his youth ! Thanks Daddy!

Customize your wedding

Peter and Mary’s wedding was amazing, absolutely unforgettable ! They rented several French 2CV cars and as the wedding party left the St Remy church, the brightly colored cars were waiting to take them to the reception site. It was magical – everyone stopped to watch as the line of wedding cars passed by on the road.

The cars certainly are head-turners, and everyone noticed us! It was really exciting to follow the lead car in the wedding party as we drove through the villages honking our in a joyful convoy on our way to the celebration.

Relive your youth
It’s probably because of my school reunion last weekend that I got a case of the blues and decided to rent a 2CV . . . I had seen the advert and I thought it would give me a boost !

I felt like I was a kid again on a merry-go-round or maybe a happy penniless student, the moment I took the wheel of this authentic legend with its roll-back sunroof and the classic French style that has aged so gracefully: the Citroën « Two Steam Horses ».

After just a few kilometers on the Morvan roads where I grew up, I could feel my heart beating faster and my smile coming back. I set course for the fountain of eternal youth!

Organize a rally with your friends
Did I tell you we took part in an automobile rally last Saturday? It was simply spectacular! Each team had a different color French 2 CV car. We drove about 60 km (about 37 miles) during the afternoon with a bunch of stops where we had interesting and funny challenges.

We started off in Gevrey-Chambertin and ended in Pommard, passing though the Château du Clos de Vougeot, l’Abbaye de Cîteaux and the Hospices de Beaune. Every time we saw another colorful 2CV, we punched the accelerator so they couldn’t pass – it was so much fun !

I’ve done lots of rallies before, but this one was really extraordinary.

Live with passion
Eric loves automobiles – it’s his passion. He has several old Citroën « Traction » cars, along with a white « DS » that belonged to his uncle and he just bought a 1950’s Mercedes. He loves giving his friends rides in his classic cars.

For his 60th birthday, Vincent and Jérôme got the idea to rent a 2CV for him and give him a taste for that particular car that he doesn’t have in his collection . Plus the car was the same age as him… they made up a fabulous itinerary for him. It was perfect and Eric loved it.

He drove all over the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits and didn’t return the car until the very last minute. He was just incredibly happy.

Thank your employees
This year our company did something different for our end of the year bonus : we spent a day touring the Burgundy countryside. We expected a bus tour, but instead we had the nice surprise of touring in 2CV cars. 10 brightly colored 2CV were waiting for us on the company parking lot and everyone was astonished and delighted!

We took turns driving and it was amazing. The view you get from inside this little car is fantastic. The shock absorbers give you the sensation of floating over the countryside. We drove to La Rochepot, to Châteauneuf en Auxois, and headed back through Autun and Couches-les-Mines.

The winding road was line with a scattering of pretty castles ; it was absolute happiness.

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